ATTENTION:  Attachment Parents’ Village Calgary (APVC) strongly supports Bill 24 which enforces confidentiality and safety for the members of GSA’s (Gay-straight Alliances) in the public school system in Alberta.

This statement is in response to a recent Globe and Mail article that was published November 2017, and written by Judy Arnall, a public figurehead in the attachment parenting community in Calgary and Canada.  APVC strongly disagrees with the viewpoint of Ms. Arnall. Her article should be taken as personal opinion and not a representation of the attachment parenting climate in Alberta.

APVC has recently embarked on a mission to dismantle oppression of all forms in our APVC parenting community. We believe that when schools are mandated to report to parents when students join GSA’s, schools risk putting those students in dangerous situations of abuse, neglect, family rejection, as well as potentially increasing their risk of suicide.

It is through a lens of attachment parenting with an anti-oppression framework, that APVC must support and advocate for LBTQ2+ children, youth and adults through distancing ourselves from what is a problematic and harmful stance on GSA’s.

Moving forward, with our commitment to inclusivity and anti-oppression in our village, we have decided that we will no longer be promoting any workshops or events that don't align with these parameters.

-APVC Board of Directors and Village

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 Photo Credit: Morgan Caswell Photography

Photo Credit: Morgan Caswell Photography

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 photo credit: morgan caswell photography

photo credit: morgan caswell photography

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