The Attachment Parents' Village Calgary (APVC) is a non profit society.  It exists to provide community and support for parents practicing or interested in learning more about attachment parenting.


Our Vision Statement:
APVC aspires to both support and advocate for families to honour, value, and respect children and parents through the ideals of attachment parenting to contribute to a more compassionate world.

Our Mission Statement:
APVC is dedicated to providing families with education and support in the ideals of attachment parenting.  our not-for-profit society upholds these eight ideals:

  • Prepare for pregnancy, birth, and parenting

  • Feed with love and respect

  • Respond with sensitivity

  • Use nurturing touch

  • Ensure safe sleep physically and emotionally

  • Provide consistent and loving care

  • Practice positive discipline

  • Strive for balance in personal and family life

We advocate for these ideals through an online presence and real life events such as: playgroups, parenting classes, webinars, and facilitated discussion.  It is important to note that attachment parenting principles apply to children of all ages and are not limited to baby and toddlerhood.


What is attachment parenting, anyway?

Visit our FAQ for a full description

Board of Directors

APVC is run by an elected Board of Directors who volunteer their time and energy to bring you so many great things.  Meet them here!


APVC operates on donations and membership fees. Become a member today to access exclusive perks and support us!

APVC Supporters

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