Attachment Parents' Village Calgary

Board of Directors - 2018/2019 

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Lindsey Fiebig, President

I joined APVC in 2014 through a good friend. I felt immediately it aligned with my parenting values and intuition, and I grew even more attachment focused from there. I am a registered psychologist, and work in a post secondary environment with students. I love working with such an amazing group of diverse and resilient humans, who inspire me every day to shine bright in a world of adversity. I am honoured to help raise up two wonderful children age 10 and 3 who love to challenge everything I think I know, and who help me strive to learn more about myself as a mother. I share this journey with my husband, our dog (Jub Jub) and 2 black cats (Jack and McKenzie). I love this village. I love the support that happens daily; and feel in awe of the caring interactions and empathic exchange between parents who have never met in real life. I have met so many wonderful women, and now friends through this village. I truly look forward to being your president for the next 2 years.

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Miranda Johnson, Vice-President and Director of Social Events

Mother of 3 young children, Miranda has been involved with APVC since 2011 when her oldest child was born.  Having spent most of her life volunteering for various causes, Miranda felt called to sit on various committees over the years to help organize events and bring a sense of Village to APVC. When the opportunity arose to join the BOD, Miranda decided it was time to get more involved.  She looks forward to bringing fun new events to all members of APVC.


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Carolina Quintana-Kohut, Diversity and Inclusivity

As director of the diversity and inclusivity portfolio, I am leading a review of APVC’s operations and making the appropriate changes to break down the barriers that prevent the inclusion of people from marginalized groups who want to join and remain a part of our village. In leading this portfolio, my goal isn’t to speak on behalf of marginalized groups but to seek and share information about the experiences of marginalized people. In doing so, our Village is called to broaden its perspectives, understand the issues, and become more inclusive.

Educationally, my background is in understanding and communicating with people. I studied sociology and social anthropology at Dalhousie University and public relations at the Nova Scotia Community College.

I live in Calgary with my spouse and our child. My favourite thing about being a parent is the amount of growing and stretching I’m called upon to do every day. I also really enjoy the laughter, silliness and chaos that comes with that. I attend playgroup regularly and I’m quite active in the discussion group. If we haven’t met yet, I look forward to connecting with you!


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S.J Moar & Amanda Skeard, Secretary

S.J. Moar

Before becoming a mommy, my favorite pastimes included having a tidy living space, eating gummy candies without having to hide them and having long hot baths while reading a book...but nowadays you’ll find me taking my kids out in nature, staying home and drinking too much coffee or dreaming of all the trips I’d like to take.

I joined APVC when my first child was in utero in 2012 and have since had two more, ages 3 (almost 4) and under 1 year.

I love how parenting constantly shows me where I need to grow and change so I can be my very best version of myself; I try very hard and only fail about 20 percent of the time.

I am very dedicated to making all feel welcome in our parenting group and look forward to the wonderful little next generation that will come out of it!


Kate Peterson Koch, Treasurer


Rebecca Schooten, Education

Chelsea Laine Lyons, Governance


Hi my name is Chelsea Lyons! I have been apart of the attachment parenting village since 2012. It has be an instrumental part in raising my three daughters. 

My passions include running, cooking and creating memories with my family. I own a Placenta Encapsulation business and also work at my husbands chiropractic clinic. 

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Christie Tattersall, Playgroup

Alyssa Truong, Memberships

Alyssa is a wife and mother to one 4 year old son, and a local Entrepreneur.  Alyssa worked with youth, including at risk youth for a decade before starting her own family. After she had her son, she became involved in her local attachment parenting community in Ottawa where she lived at the time. When not photographing local Calgary and area families, she enjoys cooking Vietnamese food, hanging out with the animals on the acreage, and spending time traveling. 


Lisa Shaw, Moderation

My name is Lisa and I am honoured to be Director of Moderation for APVC.  I am mother, wife and entrepreneur living in north Calgary. I own and operate a multidisciplinary health clinic in the same community where my little family and I live. I am a first generation Calgarian but my heart is always most at home with my family in southern Ontario.

My journey with APVC started shortly after the birth of my daughter in 2014. During my pregnancy, my mother was killed. It was the worst yet best possible time for me to become a mother myself. I was yearning for connection with other women who could help me approach motherhood with an open heart and gentle hand and found a comfortable fit within our village and the framework of attachment parenting.

I am grateful for the opportunity to sit on our board and am always open to feedback and suggestions from the village. I am truly here to serve and look forward to the learning, challenges and growth ahead.


Jill Turner, Website and Marketing

My name is Jill and I am grateful to be the Website and Marketing Director for APVC. I have been involved with APVC since moving to Calgary in 2015 and previously held roles on multiple committees as well as the Board as the Playgroup Director in 2017/2018. Moving to Calgary we had no close family or friends that I knew, which felt very isolating. I attended Playgroup with my first child and it was one of the first places I met like-minded families and it quickly became a safe and vital place for us to play and connect. Since that time we have welcomed our second child and the discussion group and community has been a source of knowledge, support and friendship. As a previous photographer and business owner, I have a background in media relations and website building and am excited to support APVC in this role.