Attachment Parents' Village Calgary

Board of Directors - 2017/2018 

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Miranda Johnson, Vice-President and Director of Social Events



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Erin Klassen, Secretary

Erin fell in the APVC Facebook group somewhere around year one in her parenting journey. It has been an amazing source of advice and encouragement. Five years and another kid later, she is still exploring what it means to be an attachment parent, and so grateful for the support of this community. Erin is honoured to join the Board this year as Secretary and hopes to make many more friends in APVC.

Her family includes her husband, two young daughters, and very hairy dog – MacGyver. Together, they enjoy watching football (Go Riders!), and hiking and biking in the nearby mountains. 


Heather Kolesar, Treasurer

When Heather’s son was born in 2012, she had no idea what she was doing. Her midwife suggested she get The Baby Book by Dr. Sears and thus, her journey into attachment parenting began. Heather joined APVC in 2014 after feeling the need to get out of the house more and discovering the playgroup. She sees immense value in having a village of like-minded parents to learn from and grow with.

Brandi Morgan, Memberships

As a teen mom, Brandi was feeling lost in the world of mainstream parenting when she came across APVC through another Facebook group. She was immediately intrigued by the parenting style and how it lined up with her parental instincts. After being a part of the village for four years, Brandi decided she wanted to involve herself more with the community that had provided her with endless amounts of information and guidance which helped set the foundation of her parenting style for her own three children. She wanted to help other parents find what she had found within the group, and felt that joining the BOD would give her the opportunity to do so. Being the lead of membership allows Brandi to be a friendly, welcoming face of APVC.

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Amy Isaksen Cartwright, Governance


Amy found APVC shortly after moving to Canada with her husband and four month old baby. She was feeling a bit lost in this new parenting world when she reached out to the owners of a local natural parenting store asking for help in connecting with other parents on this journey. They pointed her toward the APVC discussion group (back in the days before FB groups!) and she's been involved ever since. APVC was instrumental in her life as a new parent as well as her transition to a new city and a new country. Amy served as both the Secretary and the Social Events Director for APVC in previous years. She has a passion for justice and activism and hopes to bring those energies to role of Governance Director. 



Jill Turner, Playgroup

My name is Jill and I joined the APVC Discussion Group in 2015 prior to moving with my family from Edmonton. I was looking for suggestions on where to live and have been a part of the community ever since. Moving to Calgary we had no close family or friends that I knew here, which felt very isolating. I attended Playgroup with my first child, who was 2 at the time and it was one of the first places I met families and people who were on the same parenting journey as I was, since coming to Calgary. Playgroup became a safe and vital place for us to play and connect with other kids and parents alike. Last summer we welcomed our second child to our family and the discussion group and community has been a source of knowledge, support and friendship. Over the past year I joined both the Playgroup and Social committees, and shortly after became a part of the Education Committee. Having a village is such vital part of our lives. Attachment parenting is at the base of that, and I look forward to providing parents and children with the same space that I was provided within AVPC when I came here.

Alyssa Truong, Fundraising

Alyssa is a wife and mother to one 4 year old son, and a local Entrepreneur.  Alyssa worked with youth, including at risk youth for a decade before starting her own family. After she had her son, she became involved in her local attachment parenting community in Ottawa where she lived at the time. When not photographing local Calgary and area families, she enjoys cooking Vietnamese food, hanging out with the animals on the acreage, and spending time traveling. 


Lisa Shaw, Moderation


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Karri Turner, Website and Marketing

Karri is mama to two wonderful kids ages 12 and 3.  She has been on an Attachment Parenting journey for over a decade and is deeply committed to sharing the joys of this parenting style.  Karri enjoys sparking interest and education through social media venues, keeping APVC's website up to date and engaging, and in general using her creative powers for good.  Sharing the concept of Attachment Parenting and all it entails to the Calgary community and beyond is something she is passionately about.