Calgary Foundation Grass Roots Initiative Grant

Stepping Stones Stacked.png

In 2018 APVC Playgroup was the proud recipient of the Calgary Foundation Grant Roots Grant.

Our belief in creating community for families is vital and strong. Being the recipient of the Calgary Foundation Grass Roots Grant provides us with an opportunity to continue to make a difference in the lives of Calgary parents and families through real life connecting. At APVC, we know that parenting young children can be a very isolating experience. Playgroup works to provide a space that is supportive, safe and contributes to every family’s sense of community belonging. Playgroup has been said to be “a village within a village”[1] and APVC aims to foster a free weekly meeting place that is inclusive of all peoples, sharing a common journey through the joys and trials of raising children in society today. The proceeds from the grant was used to purchase new and inclusive toys and books, including dress up costumes, two SensaKids Sensory tables and new books.  


[1]Roberta Labelle-APVC Member