Carrier Lending Library

If you are an APVC member in good standing, you have access to our Carrier Lending Libraries (South and North). For a small deposit along with a signed contract, sign out one of our many carriers for a 2 week period. If you are already a member and wish arrange a check out, please fill out this form after you review each location's choices.  Mobile users- scroll to bottom of page for form.

Our Current Inventory: South Library Click here to request an item.

Ring Slings: 
Zolowear Rosie M
Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Teal
Comfy Joey Mesh Water sling

Pouch Slings: 
Gorgeous Baby Black Floral size L

Meh Dai/ Bei Dai: 
Catbirdbaby in Somerset
Panache ring waist (narrow seat, great for small babies!)

Boba 3G Organic Pine
Preschool Kinderpack
Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo Heavenly Holland
Babyhawk Oh Snap black straps with green accent

Boba Wrap Ocean
Girasol Amitola size 2
Lenny Lamb Paradiso Rainbow size 6

Small Umbrella Stroller

Our Current Inventory: North Library Click here to request an item.

Ring Slings: 
SBP Purple Linen
UpMama Red
Maya Ring sling in Dark Khaki

Pouch Slings: 
Zolowear Chai XS

Meh Dai/ Bei Dai: 
Little Green Wolf Conversion
Kozy Carrier Classic Brown/Tan
Babyhawk orange straps with floral pattern

Beco Butterly Carnival
Ergo Performance True Blue
Toddler Tula in Prepster

Moby wrap grey
Baby Ktan
Erizo Linen Size 4
Gauze wrap Size 6
Chimparoo Juliet size 7
Natibaby Stripes size


Before you are able to borrow a carrier, you must sign a paper copy of this contract, which states:

Lending Library Terms and Conditions
1. Use of the library is accessible by to all members of Attachment Parents’ Village Calgary in good standing. Membership to the village is $15 per year. 
2. A personal cheque or cash deposit of $75 ($150 for the Tula, Kinderpack, and WCMT) is held until the carrier is returned in good condition. 
3. By checking out a carrier from APVC you agree to take excellent care of it. Do not smoke in/near the carrier, and please do your best to keep the carrier free of pet hair and perfumes. Do not wash the carrier unless it is heavily soiled AND you have communicated with our lending library volunteer about it first. The volunteer will tell you how to wash the specific carrier that you have in your possession. 
4. Term of check-out is two weeks and may be renewed if no other member wishes to borrow that specific carrier. 
5. It is up to the person checking out the carrier to make sure the carrier is used correctly. Helpful videos can be found at
6. It is your responsibility to make sure the carrier is in good working order before using it with your baby. 
7. We accept no responsibility for this carrier and the use of this carrier. 
8. By signing this paper, you acknowledge that you release Attachment Parents’ Village Calgary and all volunteers and members of any liability associated with this carrier. 
9. You are the expert on your baby. 
10. Use of the Library may be terminated at the discretion of Attachment Parents’ Village Calgary
11. Contents and availability of the Lending Library carriers may change from month to month. 
12. It is your responsibility to return the carrier and any instruction manuals when it is due. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your deposit.