Event Illness and Health Policy

Out of respect for all of our members, please follow the guidelines below.

Illness Policy

Please do not attend any APVC event if any of the members of your family have any of the following symptoms: 
a. A fever of 100F or higher
b. Vomiting within the last 48 hours
c. Diarrhea within the last 48 hours
d. Excessive runny nose, or runny nose that could get on hands, toys, or other children
e. Frequent coughing or sneezing
f. Any communicable/contagious diseases such as chicken pox, hand, foot and mouth disease, measles, etc. 
g. Live lice or nits. 

Members may attend events when: 
a. The fever has been gone for at least 24 hours without the aid of fever reducers
b. There has been no vomiting or diarrhea within the last 48 hours
c. The child has been off medication for at least 24 hours with no symptoms
d. The contagious period is over as per standard medical practice (see special note about chicken pox below)      
e. The presence of a rash other than heat or allergy in nature, has been gone for 24 hours

Anyone who has knowingly or unknowingly exposed their children to chicken pox should not attend any APVC events, including playgroup, with their children from 7 days after exposure until 24 days after exposure. The longer period is to reflect some of the outliers we've heard about. (Most info is that incubation is 10-21 days, but we've heard of 7 days after and 24 days after).

If you have attended any APVC event and your child develops a communicable illness within the next 72 hours, please post to the main Facebook group or email the Board of Directors at info@apvillage.ca to let people know that their children may have been exposed. Some illnesses that are mild in most children and adults can cause severe illness and death in unborn children. Please be especially vigilant about reporting to the group if your child has or could possibly have illnesses in this category; such as fifth disease, chicken pox, hand foot and mouth or Rubella.

We look forward to seeing you and your little ones when you are all well again. Please post to the Facebook group if you need visitors within your home - some members are happy to share germs to build immunity at the right times in their lives! 

Health Policy

In keeping with public health guidelines, please respect the following guidelines at all APVC events: 
- Please keep children clothed from the waist down when they are playing (indoors and outdoors). 
- For indoor events, please change diapers in the bathroom. We recommend bringing your own fold-out change pad or disinfectant wipes to ensure that the table is clean before and after use. Please do not change diapers, or have your child use a potty indoors unless within a bathroom facility. Potties must be kept out of the reach of children at all times. 
- For outdoor events, please ensure that you do any diaper changing or potty use away from play structures and ensure all potties and dirty diapering supplies are disposed of or stored in a safe manner.