Memberships - $15/year

APVC is a non-profit society that relies on funds from memberships in order to operate. Membership funds are used to run many programs and events for free, such as our weekly playgroup, or to subsidize a portion of the cost for other events. Membership is not required to participate in our main Facebook Group or attend playgroup. It is mandatory, however, for many other things. Membership gives you:

-Access to our Marketplace, to buy and sell items. If you request marketplace access you will receive an invite to your email within a few days
-Access to our education events, including our free Neufeld DVD Viewings
-Permission to borrow from our DVD Lending Library
-Permission to borrow from our Carrier Lending Library
-Reduced or free cost to many of our events, such as our Jellybean Dances
-The right to vote on our Board of Directors and at our Annual General Meeting, to give your input into our village! 
-That fuzzy feeling that you are supporting us. We rely solely on memberships and fundraising to bring you our many great programs.

Memberships run from January 1st to February 28th of the next calendar year. Memberships are $15 no matter when they are purchased during the year and will expire on February 28th. We do not offer refunds. So, for example, if you purchase a membership on December 1st it will expire 3 months later on February 28th. However, if you buy a membership after January 1st we will honour that membership until February 28th of the NEXT year. 

How it Works

STEP ONE: INFORMATION: Complete the information form below in its entirety.

When you’ve completed the form hit the “SUBMIT” button to send us the form. Then proceed to the payment page provided.

STEP TWO: PAYMENT: You should now be at a screen with the membership cost displayed and a paypal button. If you selected to pay by EMT, you can ignore this screen. Click “Pay Now”. This will take you to the paypal website where you have the option of paying by credit card, bank account or from a balance in your paypal account. You do NOT need a paypal account to pay by credit card.
Please Note: Your membership is not complete until we receive both this form and payment

Step 1: Information Form